Beyond Car Accidents: Other Incidents That May Benefit from an NYC Personal Injury Attorney

Beyond Car Accidents: Other Incidents That May Benefit from an NYC Personal Injury Attorney

When many people think of reasons to hire an injury accident attorney in NYC, their minds go first to car or other automobile accidents, and may have visions of some commercial they’ve seen dramatizing a fender bender with a call to action to either a lawyer, their insurance company, or both. But while car accidents like these are the most common reason why people consult with a personal injury attorney, there are many ways in which people get hurt that others can and should be held accountable for. Some of these include

Other Traffic Related Accidents

Besides crashes that happen involving automobiles, there are other types of accidents that happen on the roads for various reasons. Motorcycle accidents are common because they are smaller vehicles that are sometimes hard to see unless motorists specifically keep in mind that they are out there. Since they travel at similar speeds, but with a lot less protection, survivors of these accidents can frequently benefit from consulting with an injury accident attorney NYC. While travelers on foot or riding a standard bicycle don’t move as fast, they also may suffer serious injuries if they are hit.

Premises Liability

Premises liability claims take up a good portion case loads for an injury accident attorney in NYC. These cases stem from a variety of causes, such as slipping and falling, getting bit by a dog, or being exposed to a dangerous substance without proper warning, such as asbestos or food poisoning at a restaurant. If you were hurt because there was something dangerous in a place other than your home, and you did not have adequate warning about the potential danger, it is possible that you may have a strong personal injury case in NYC based on premises liability.

Defective Products

Before we buy products in the U.S. certain quality checks are supposed to be performed to assure that they are safe to use. If there is any reason why a product is not safe for some people, such as small children or people who suffer from seizures, those products need to be labeled properly in order to prevent injury from occurring. If something dangerous about the product is discovered after it is released to the public, it should be promptly recalled from the marketplace. Defective product and recalls can involve many things, from cans of tuna, to a baby’s toy or car seat, to various components of the vehicles themselves. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission maintains a database for the public to check if products they own have been recalled, but companies also need to get the word about regarding potential dangerous products. If you have been injured by a defective product, it is important to report your injury not only as a path to get compensation for yourself, but to help keep others safer as well.

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