Body Repairs – You Can Do at Home

Body Repairs – You Can Do at Home

If you own a used Audi A5, then you must have witnessed abuse on it by other drivers at a parking or on the road. It is very common that some careless driver opened his car’s door at the parking in such a way that it slammed against your car or may be pulled a truck next to yours and it got scratched. In such a situation, you must have rushed to the nearest garage. But, these incidents are inevitable and it’s not always possible to rush to a mechanic. The best way out of the mess is to repair your car by yourself at your driveway. All you will need is a little bit of knowledge about automobile hardware to fix the minor damages.

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Some Minor Damages

  1. Dents: You can save a lot of money by fixing the dent yourself. Use a body filler to fill it and then paint it. You can also use suction cup dent puller to pop it out.

  2. Scratches: If the scratch is not too deep, you can simply use some scratch filler and repaint the area. In case of a deeper scratch, put several coats of touch up paint to hide the primer coupled with scratch filler. Next, sand the area with 400-grit sandpaper followed by waxing to make the area look smooth and shiny.

  3. Broken Lights: If your turn signal, headlight or tail light has been destroyed, you can easily replace the lenses. It is always better to purchase cheaper local lenses at first and if it does not work fine, then buy from the original manufacturer. This will save a lot of money as local ones are less than half the price of original lenses.

  4. Scrapes and Gouges: The scrapes or gouges are not really visible on the modern bumpers made of plastic. A little dash or touch up paint or filler can be used to fix them economically.

  5. Paint: It is very important to select the right shade of touch up paint. You can check the manufacturer manual or the paint code sticker under the vehicle’s hood and door sill to know the exact paint shade. It is better to mix paint and aerosol spray for repainting a large area.

You should not expect a perfect finish when repairing your used car for the first time. But, as practice makes the man perfect you can learn to be a pro in no time. It will be very economical if you can fix the damage at home with a little patience and confidence.

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