Crowdfunding – A Ray of Hope for Emerging Writers

Crowdfunding – A Ray of Hope for Emerging Writers

If you thought that the most challenging part of being a writer is to be able to come up with plotlines and tell stories in an interesting way, think again. Coming up with scenarios in an alternate reality and penning them down is the easiest part of being a writer. Editing one’s own writing can be a little challenging. But nothing is more irksome for an aspiring writer than getting the manuscript published into a book. After all the internal dilemmas a writer routinely faces while writing, writers have to wait for months awaiting a response from the publishing houses. The response could be positive or negative. If negative, the writer would have to send his/ her manuscript and keep waiting.

The concept of self-publishing has emerged to be a lifesaver for the budding writer. But the cost of hiring editors, illustrators and publishing can be exorbitant for the first time author. But with the advent of crowdfunding platforms, writers can pool funds to bring their story out to the masses.Apart from the financial support which comes from crowdfunding, here are three reasons why every budding writer should consider crowdfunding:

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  1. Reviews from donors.

To start a fundraising campaign for an upcoming book, writers can release a video trailer about the book and share a book excerpt to attract interested readers to make a donation. Once the target amount is reached and the book is published, the writer can give copies to all those who have donated and ask for a few reviews on blogs. This can pull in an audience for the book.

  1.  Increased scope for collaborations

The fundraiser can help the writer to connect with illustrators and fellow writers and artists. This can result in a creative collaboration with great results. Also, the fundraiser can help the writer connect with filmmakers. The story can be adapted for television or a movie and can reach a greater number of people.

  1. Increased visibility

By sharing the fundraiser on social media, people in the writer’s social media network would be aware about the writing project. The increased awareness about the project can be leveraged by the writer to spark conversations about the writing and also engage the potential audiences.

Crowdfunding is indeed a powerful platform for the emergent writer to arise from the inertia of not just writer’s block ( which could be partly attributed to the fear of being rejected by publishers), but also the task of marketing their literary product. It’s a win-win for the aspiring writer. Start your crowdfunding campaign soon.

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