Gate Access: Safety, Security or Simply Aesthetics

Gate Access: Safety, Security or Simply Aesthetics

Whether you own a home, a business, or both in the Austin area, gate access Austin can help you find the perfect access gate to improve safety, secure entry and exit, or simply the aesthetics of your property. With modern options and many styles, you are sure to find gate access fencing that meets your needs.

The top reasons for gate access

There are many reasons you may be looking for gate access Austin options. You may want to improve safety at your place of business by providing a commercial gate for your parking lot. Or, you may need the added security of gate access to your home. Some people are in a position to need the added privacy that an access gate provides and others simply like the aesthetics of a gated entry. In most areas, the addition of a secure access gate adds a substantial amount to the resale value of the property.

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Types of gate access

Whatever your reason for installing access gate fencing, there are several options and styles to consider. Gate access styles can include swing gates and slide gates. There are several methods used for the gate access controls, depending on your needs. Controls can be operated using a keypad option, which allows entry to any person who has the correct code. For commercial applications, keypads can contain a phonebook option, allowing visitors to dial in for the recipient to open the gate remotely. Keypads are mounted on existing fenceposts or installed pedestals and do not require drivers to exit their vehicle to use.

Gate controls can also be operated through the use of a transmitter, which works like a traditional garage door opener, with the simple push of a button opening and closing the access gate. Transmitters require a small receiver device that is mounted outside the gate.

Gates will automatically close once you have entered, and exiting is usually controlled automatically by using a buried sensor. When a vehicle rolls over the sensor, the gate opens.

Options and accessories for gate access systems

There are many extra options for access gates, including battery backups so that the gate is operational during a power outage, security cameras to see who is entering and exiting, long range transmitters to avoid waiting while the gate opens, and many other accessories. Gates can be operated with hard-wired electrical power or can be solar powered to save money.

Excellence in our industry

Gate access control is an economical and simple method of adding value and convenience to any property. With our outstanding customer service and exceptional workmanship, we provide excellence in getting you the access gate you need to feel safe and secure.

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