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Everywhere you go, people look for top-notch service. When traveling, staying in a hotel, going to a banquet or dealing with business professionals. When the hospitality factor is lacking, so are patrons. It’s important to make sure your staff is well-trained and has the foundation to successfully represent the company with pride and professionalism. Seeking out hospitality courses in Chicago can be one of the best decisions you can make.

How important is hospitality?

Your customers are the underlying life blood of the business. Today’s customers want more than just a please and thank you. They want excellent services, and are willing to pay for them – or not. Hospitality is being able to anticipate customer needs and go the extra mile. Your customers will remember that and return because they had a rewarding and fulfilled experience.

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Why do you need training in hospitality?

Even if you have the kindest people representing the organization, giving them a foundation to anticipate any scenario makes the difference. Almost every career path has some form of hospitality involved – making sure employees know how to do their best is key.

What is covered in a hospitality training program?

Hospitality training programs help students develop core competencies in reception, quality service, food service, and business etiquette. They are able to look at case studies to see how great hospitality helps turn things around, and they will also have an externship where they will be able to gain hands-on, real-time experience.


What kinds of careers are tied to hospitality training?

There are a number of careers tied to this area, including resort, hotel and motel clerks, concierge, gaming services, travel agent, bartender, convention, meeting and event planners and more. These careers span the industry in areas like hotels, cruise ships, travel/tourism, food and beverage, casinos, and restaurants.

Will there be hands-on experience?

This program includes an externship component, where practical, day-to-day experience will be the focus. Students are placed in a number of  areas to see how hospitality carries the business forward.  

Hospitality is a very important component of service businesses. How your employees represent the company says a lot about your management. Giving your staff or seeking out training programs to ensure your business operates at the highest standards is a successful mindset now and in the future. Get signed up for the best hospitality training programs Chicago offers today!

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