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 Chemicals and oil can be difficult to control and contain in an enclosed space. Mainly, this is due to their molecular composition and inherent viscosity which helps them overcome the initial attempts of containment. As such secondary containment equipment such as duck ponds and berms are essential when it comes to controlling the damage caused by such spills. However, you should go for supplies which are easy to set up and also made of high-quality material. Below are several industrial safety products which you might find useful in case of spills.

Sorbent Booms

These are booms and socks made of high-quality hydrophobic polypropylene. As such they can contain high levels of oil and spills especially if your industry is located in the vicinity of a large water body. Also, chemical spills can be effectively contain using the sorbent booms ensuring that your workers are in a safe working environment.

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Absorbent rolls and pads

Because oil has low density compared to water, it will float on top of it in case there is a spill in a water body. This is very dangerous to the sea animals and plants since access to oxygen, and other necessities will be blocked. As such, an immediate containment is required to ensure that the spill does not spread further. By using absorbent rolls and pads, the oil molecules can be easily absorbed thus preventing loss of sea life.

Spill Kits

These are wheeled kits which have a variety of sorbents which helps in the containment of Hazmat, oil, or any other spill. Notably, the likelihood of having a spill in any industry is very high, and it can pose a significant risk to the workers. As such, an immediate containment is required to facilitate a safe working environment.

Duck Pond and berms

If you are seeking a durable and chemical resistant spill kit, this product will be a perfect choice. Notably, they are very effective in the containment of dangerous spills which can cause grave repercussions for your company such as liability claims due to medical expenses and lawsuits. The products are placed beneath tanks, vehicles, and other oil and chemicals storage equipment.

Personal Protection Equipment

To ensure that your employees are always safe, there are several types of equipment you need to provide them considering their work departments. Such equipment includes Hi-Viz apparel, ear plugs, hard hats, and safety goggles.

Degreasers and dispersants

These are very safe products which are harmless to the environment. As such, they can be used to remove oil spills and also make chemical spills non-flammable by promoting a rapid degradation of the hydrocarbons and other pollutants.

In a nutshell, it is important to ensure the safety of your employees which will guarantee you maximum output which translates to more profits. By using the above mention industrial safety products, you will contain chemical and oil spills thus reducing chances of settling liability claims.


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