Keeping Costs Down at Your Dental Office

Owning a dental office can be rewarding in many ways, both professionally and financially. But there are few dental offices that do so well that they can afford to ignore business costs. Financial success, in any business, requires frugality and attention to the details.

5 Ways to Keep Costs Dental Office Costs Down

1. Automate paperwork processing.

Most dental offices today use some form of automation for processing paperwork, but not all do. It is important for every business that wants to be competitive to leverage technology wherever they can – without sacrificing customer service. Investing in a database system specific to dental services is going to make your employees lives easier, and make your patients happy too.

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2. Purchase dental supplies wholesale.

When you first open for business it is normal to have some kinks in your supply chain, but once you get established it is worth your while to find a supplier of wholesale dental supplies that can meet most, if not all, of your supply needs.

3. Look at how much you are paying in rent.

There can be a significant difference in the cost of rent from one area to the other, or even from one building to another in the same area. You obviously want to be in a location that is good for business, but that does not mean you need to pay an arm and a leg for your rent. It is advisable to review rent costs and consider alternatives at least every few years. You may find that you don’t need as large a space, or you can move to a slightly less desirable area, and save considerably.

4. Pay attention to the lab you use.

It is easy to pick a lab and stick to the same service provider. But all labs are not created equal. Some are much better at what they do, more consistent and reliable. Some can also be less expensive than others. And just because you have been using one lab for a while does not mean you cannot change providers. If the lab you currently use is making mistakes, it is costing you money.

5. Build a strong team.

A quality staff is a must if you want to become successful and stay that way. Review the performance of your employees regularly, offer encouragement and invest in training and education.

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