Making Each Day Count: New Recruitment Tips

Making Each Day Count: New Recruitment Tips

With the recruitment industry continuing to grow, leading recruitment to recruitment companies have been providing all with tips and advice, allowing all within the industry and those looking at joining the industry to excel as much as possible.

When working in recruitment people must take one day at a time, ensuring that they work as hard as possible every day to achieve the greatest results. Recruiters must be focused and must not put jobs off, no matter how small or ‘boring’ they may be.

If you work in recruitment and want to a) get clear what you need to be focussing on right now and b) what you need to be doing constantly to meet your goals, keep on reading.

How To Make Every Day Count

  1. First of all you need to imagine that it is 90 days from now, approximately three months, but instead of thinking of the worst case scenarios, imagine how you would love work to be. Get a pen and paper. Write down what is happening, what you have achieved and how you feel.
  2. Sit and read through what you have written. You must now pick up your pen once more and write down what you think you should be doing each day in order to achieve your goals. You need to write down what you think you should be doing each day and what you think you should be doing from time to time. Make sure that all of the things that you write are specific, measureable, realistic and timed; this will allow you to stay focused.
  3. After this every week you should take time away from work, even if it is just for thirty minutes, to sit and review the progress that you have made. You should ask yourself what you have achieved in the previous week, what you have got done, how you have progressed, what have you not done and what you could have done more of.
  4. Once you have reviewed your progress you should write a list of three things that you want to achieve in the following week. You can follow step 3 & 4 weekly.
  5. It can also be a good idea to set yourself daily challenges as well as weekly challenged. At the start of each day simply make lists of what you want to get completed and tick them off as you get through them

Hopefully these tips will enable you to excel in your recruiting role. We hope so anyway. If you can think of any other great ideas on how recruiters can push forward, do not hesitate to comment below.

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