Quality of your diet, not quantity, would make you lose weight

Quality of your diet, not quantity, would make you lose weight

If you ever been on a diet, you know that the foremost thing you do is control your calorie consumption. But a recent study shows that if you can cut over added sugar, highly processed foods and refined grains and then go on consuming plenty of whole foods and vegetables you are going to lose a significant amount of weight in the course of time. So, it is the quality of food you intake not the quantity that helps people to lose their weight and also manage that for a long time. It is always better to avoid fast foods as they are made with refined starches, added sugars, etc. which accumulates more weight in your body.

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Weight loss diets are effective sometimes, but only if the amount and calories are proportional. But what some of these less effective diets do is that they keep you hungry for a long time. You might develop some stomach disease staying hungry for a long-long time and then again at the time you are eating; you eat just a little food. So, around the clock you are hungry, and your stomach is empty. While your stomach is empty and you feel hungry all the time how would you be able to concentrate on the work too? You will feel distracted, and every time someone like any of your colleague eats a good food in front of you, you are going find it very hard to resist yourself.

Where will your energy come from?

If you are always hungry and not eating, where would you get your energy from? Here the energy is not only the physical strength but also the mental or psychological energy. You are always going to feel lazy, not want to work much, still lazy to even do some workout for you. You might have improved your diet, but without exercise how would your lifestyle change.


A lifestyle change is a must to lose your weight, and that would come from eating precise food, high is good energy and making you feel full. You will then have time even to exercise regularly. You will be able to do your job. After some days, you are also going to lose your extra weight for a long run.

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