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Orthodontics can be described as a dentistry specialty discipline focusing on jaws and teeth alignment with the aim of improving a client’s oral health and smile. An Orthodontist office in Gambrills will diagnose, provide treatment, and assist in preventing teeth irregularities through the use of braces. Braces are removable dental appliances that assist in straightening crooked teeth.

They can also be used to close unsightly gaps, properly align lips and teeth, as well as correct irregular bites. Crooked teeth that are not a perfect fit pose a number of problems when one is attempting to do regular cleanups. You also risk losing the teeth early in life due to problems associated with tooth decay.

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Procedures Performed by an Orthodontist

When visiting orthodontist office Gambrills, you’ll find that there are a number of treatment options. Some are fixed while others are removable. The treatment options assist in moving the teeth hence affecting how the jaws grow and retain muscles. Braces function by exerting gentle pressure on your teeth as they move in your jaw bone. Here are the common types of braces:

  1. Traditional Braces

They are the most popular treatment option. These braces are made of an archwire, elastic band, and a bracket. The brackets get bonded to the tooth front before being used as an anchor for your brace. The archwires are then placed through your brackets. Tiny elastic bands are then used to secure this archwire into a bracket.

When the archwire is tightened, it exerts pressure on your teeth, and this gradually starts moving them into the right position. Your orthodontist will need to adjust these braces after every 4-6 weeks in order to achieve the desired results. Results can be seen in about 1-3 years.

Braces in use today tend to be lighter and smaller, and contain less metal than those used in past years. Kids can have theirs in bright colors while adults often opt for clear braces. After removal, you are required to wear a retainer on both lower and upper jaws for one year so that the teeth remain in their correct position.

  1. Invisalign

It is the term used to refer to custom-made plastic aligners designed to shift the teeth into their correct position. You have to switch to a new aligner after every two weeks. The process will be repeated until your teeth are firmly in their right position.

The Invisalign purpose is to deliver results similar to those provided by traditional braces. Aligners are, however, less noticeable than braces and provide an aesthetic advantage. You can remove them when flossing, eating, or when brushing. Additionally, they are likely to take a lesser duration compared to braces for you to start noticing results.

An orthodontist will normally customize a treatment plan for each patient, but many people will normally wear braces for as long as 3 years. However, the duration will depend on occlusion and teeth positioning. 

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