Why You Need to Adopt a Modern Emergency Notification System

Why You Need to Adopt a Modern Emergency Notification System

Observing highest safety at the K-12 schools cannot be stressed more. Cases of shooters in schools are these days rampant. High standards of security in these schools are observed, to keep away unwelcome intruders and any potential threat to the normal operation of schools. This is achieved by schools adopting a high-tech emergency notification system. The systems connect offices, the classrooms, security and the administrators making it easy to manage eventualities in an efficient manner.

The system also ensures that operations such granular paging and school bell automation is achieved easily. This system ensures that comprehensive mass notification is in the hands of the user. It has a user-friendly interface and allows the users to build message groups and templates that are used to respond to various situations.

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The emergency notification systems are not only used for schools alone but have found its application in a myriad of organizations across the world. Organizations can use it for various purposes. Below are just some of the uses that the emergency notification systems are configured for.

Building Evacuation

The system informs the ideal personnel about an emergency and at the same time it facilitates quick building evacuation through its comprehensive emergency mass notification function. It enables one to dial their emergency team therefore making the response faster. The system also lets one to notify other mobile users and inform them to stay out or away from the building or scene.

School Bells

It lets one to schedule prerecorded notifications like the school clock systems, reminders for taking breaks, safety alert notifications, changes in shifts and more. The best part is that all this can be done from just a single interface. This leverages the existing analog school bell systems.

Facility Lockdown

The system allows one to lock-down a facility in the face of an emergency. This is achieved as the system sends a prerecorded, or if you want a live mass notification from the desk-phone, cell phone or a dedicated panic button. It also activates physical security and the premise’s lighting system.

Integrated Internet of Things IOT

The system lets the user to push a mass notification to, or from various physical systems. You can do this from the fire alarms, entry systems, AED cabinet doors, eyewash stations, and more. This feature makes the system usable in almost every industry.

Features of the Emergency Notification System

Its features make this system to be usable in broad situations as a mass notification system as well as a crisis notification instrument. It enables one to prepare for any situation, send notifications in several formats, and reach your target group when and where they are. You can also easily monitor every notification in real-time. It allows the user to remain resilient in case there is the network outage, a power blackout or any disruption. It comes with an advanced server that takes over when these disruptions occur. Finally, its services are available even when everything crumbles down, thanks to its fused server appliance as well as the High Availability Service which allows messaging services functional even when your network flops.

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